Metal cans production methods

The production of canned tin plated sheets, unlike the popular impression that it is easy to read, requires the knowledge of many modern skills and technologies of the day. The precision and dimensions of the components in the equipment and machinery are multi-toner tolerances. Which places this industry in the precise industry group. The most important types of cans are metallic or non-food metal cans in the form of long bits that are produced by the operation and ironing of the sheet in the form of less elasticity and flow of materials into the mold, and the body and floor of the can of a single sex. Most of the lines of the can In Iran during the last decade, they have been equipped with a variety of modern and modern machines. The tendency to use thin-walled tin sheets to save raw materials is considered to be the main characteristics of these lines.Reducing the thickness of the sheets, along with increasing the speed of production, requires the observance of the various quality ranges required for the production of raw materials, especially tin plated sheets. It is noteworthy that the printed design on tin cans is designed with special software. These tin cans are designed with special software. In these cans, the printed design on the sheet after its drawing is found its original form.

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